Snow Attack!

We here in New England find ourselves half-buried this morning in snow; it’s been pouring down since yesterday, and pretty soon I’ll have to head out in my boots in the search for milk and eggs. There’s no rush, however, considering how snowed-in I am! But it’s gotten me thinking about being an opportunist when it comes to your writing. When we get these moments of forced, frozen time, our tendency is to either be frustrated about what we’re missing, or to revel in sloth and hedonism. I’m certainly on that end of the spectrum. But really, we should take this day and the next as an opportunity to relax and re-orient ourselves toward our creative work.

If you’re in this area as well, you might be busy securing your house or shoveling the walk today, but if you’re not in a desperate situation, consider using the day in a creative mode. Print out a chapter of your novel and edit it. Try writing a new scene. Shut off the tv’s looping weather reports and just look outside at the accumulating snow. Think writing. Think observing. Think living. If you take advantage of the day that the storm has given you, you can take your creative projects to new places and to new heights.

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