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The Background

Writerly Life is a site for all aspects of the writing life, from writing exercises, to inspirational photos and poems, to thoughts on editing, the writing process, getting published, books, and much more. It has how-to’s that have been selected as the best answer on the web on, and has been acclaimed and linked to by dozens of other blogs. And it continues to grow, by leaps and bounds. The site’s readers are writers and reading & writing enthusiasts, a highly targeted audience for creative writing programs and writing software.

Writerly Life has over 500,000 hits and over 4,000 regular subscribers, with an average of over 200 daily visitors to the site. Specific individual pages have garnered many thousands of visitors, including How to Write an Interior Monologue, How to Write an Allegory, and 10 Places to Get Story Ideas.

The Rates

I offer standard 125×125 advertising blocks in my sidebar, as well as text ads at the top of individual pages, for one-month, six-month, or year engagements.

Pricing for 125×125 ad blocks in Sidebar

One Month Six Months One Year
$100 ($17/month) $180 ($15/month)

Pricing for text ad blocks in RSS Feed

One Month Six Months One Year
$80 ($13/month) $150 ($12.50/month)

Please contact me for the details if you are interested or have any further questions.