Inspiration Flash!

I’ve written before about the link in my brain between traveling and inspiration. Somehow I get my best ideas when I’m on the go, sitting on a train or bus or just walking around. Today I got that feeling again. I had to go to a bookstore, then while riding the train back, the story I’m currently writing started replaying in my head. I began softly mouthing a few lines of dialogue that I wanted to come next. And almost before I knew it, an entire section of the story, some essential backstory, had materialized in my head. It was almost complete, full thought-out and ready to be written. I just love when that happens! My last story was a real struggle, but it’s these refreshing moments that make writing so wonderful. Once I got back to my apartment, I had dinner, and then wrote up a nice big chunk of text, one whole scene for the story and just as long as all the material I had for the story already. That’s quite a bit of marathon writing! It’s often the case for me that the best writing comes the fastest, and in these flashes too. These flashes of inspiration are encouraging to me because they really make me feel like I am in fact suited to be a writer. After all, you can talk about the theory of writing until the cows come home, but if you don’t get that spark of inspiration from time to time, you’re only a theorist, not a real writer.

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  1. josh says:

    Hi Blair,
    That’s so true. And to talk about that sudden bloom of spring in your head, well it has happened to me too. Once I had a deadline to keep. The story had to be there. For our writer’s club. It all just unravelled while I sat in a cafe. And I borrowed a pen from the waiter to scribble it all on the back of an envelope. You shoulda seen my grin soon after I held it reading, sort of certain that I had ‘something’. But one line from Saul Bellow’s book helped. It doesn’t happen to us always, does it?
    Good to meet you, Blair. (I’m here through your page on the ning creative writing community.) Cheers and best!

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