9 Summer Writing Workshops

Do you want to get some valuable writing and writing workshop time this summer? There’s a plethora of options available for writers looking to spend their summers writing and learning from distinguished teachers. I’ve been going to summer writing workshops since I was in high school, and they’ve been enormously helpful to me. Not only did I get to learn from some great teachers and meet esteemed writers, but it gave me the chance to work on my writing in a disciplined way and come out of a program with a finished draft of a story. For those of you considering a summer writing workshop, here’s a short list of some of the ones I know and respect.

For Teens

I got my start participating in teen writing workshops. They’re wonderful opportunities for young writers to get the encouragement they need. For the young writers in your life, check out these workshops:

Teen Ink NYC Summer Writing Program
This terrific program offers daily classes and workshops along with sight-seeing tours of the city, including trips to museums, broadway shows, and tours of some New York’s important literary hubs.

Choate Rosemary Hall Writers’ Workshop
I loved this program when I was in high school; it gave a very intensive writing experience and included fun summer camp activities as well.

Walnut Hill Summer Writing Program
This was the first writing workshop I ever went to, and it gave a wonderful experience, particularly due to the small classes and personal attention and encouragement.

Breadloaf New England Young Writers’ Conference
A short conference, this nonetheless provides a great experience for young writers, with classes, readings, and opportunities to read and share their work.

For Adults

Breadloaf Writers’ Conference
Of course, Breadloaf has a conference for adults as well. This program offers an impressive faculty list and a wonderful milieu for concentrating on your writing.

Iowa Writers’ Workshop Summer Programs
The Iowa Writers’ Workshop is legendary, and it offers summer grad classes that are open to the public with an application. If you’re looking for a trip to Iowa for the summer, you can’t do better than studying with Iowa University’s esteemed faculty.

One Story Workshop for Writers

In its first year, respected literary magazine One Story is offering a summer writers’ workshop with a specific focus. It will be honing in on the question of whether writers should get an M.F.A. They’ll weigh the pros and cons, as well as giving you a taste of the M.F.A. experience with workshops, lectures, and readings all in Brooklyn.

Wesleyan Writers’ Conference
I went to this conference as a student and loved it. You’ll have the opportunity to attend several very different classes in a short time, listen to readings of both your peers and the experts, and get a personal critique and consultation with a member of the faculty.

Tin House Summer Writers’ Workshop
For something on the west coast, try Tin House. The respected literary magazine puts on a highly rated summer workshop every year.

Hopefully these resources will get you started on your quest for summer writing opportunities.

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