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Ramble to AmbleThe mist and spaciousness of this beautiful photo is punctuated perfectly by that lighthouse. Try dreaming up a character to occupy this space!


  1. This photo evokes a feeling of silence bordering on lonely. It’s lovely. I post writing prompts for an online writing retreat I host every Tuesday. I’ll be including a link for this post this week. Thanks for posting it. ~ Olivia

  2. This photo is breathtaking, actually. I love how the mist from the cold water created a layer of fog over the ocean. An interesting prompt to get the creative writing flowing, seeing how people are visual- it is a good aide.
    Nice website you have.

  3. mary brady says:

    Kay Ryan wrote a great poem titled
    “Lighthouse Keeping.” Naturally, the title alone is funny. The poem speaks of the relationship between the keeper of the lighthouse & the boats that depend on that ‘keeper’ being there.

    While the lighthouse keeper and the boat captain remain isolated, and unknown to each other, they are, nonetheless, connected in the most intimate way. Those out on the dark sea put their lives in that keeper’s care.

    I just thought about Salinger’s Holden Caulfield, who wanted to be the Catcher in the Rye. Would I like to be The Lighthouse Keeper, the one who maintains a beacon for any and all who find themselves lost in the dark?

    No. I would not. How totally presumptuous of me. I have no advice or wisdom to impart. I’d just turn off the light and go to bed.

    But maybe a character in a STORY might have something to offer. Gruff but lovable Gus, the wise old lighthouse keeper of Pencil Point…
    L&K, MaryB

  4. mary brady says:

    I forgot to add my P.S.–any chance you could give the ‘guest blogs’ a rest? You’ve had quite a string of them lately & I’d frankly prefer to hear from you for awhile.

    I come to your site because I like YOU, BLH. You have a much more accessible style than most writing bloggers. Again, L&K, MaryB

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