What New Leaf will You Turn This Fall?

It’s Fall, readers, my favorite season of the year! Sure, there’s more work to do, and a re-started season of cold feet and running noses, but there’s so much to love as well. This weekend, I went apple-picking, ate cider doughnuts, and enjoyed apple-cinnamon pancakes. What’s not to love?

The autumn has many other good things going for it. It’s a new season and new chance to make a change in your creative life, for one. It’s a brand-new opportunity to turn over that new leaf you’ve been meaning to all year. So what new leaf will you turn?

The work-life balance

Maybe you’d like to make a change about how you’re managing all your responsibilities this season. For many of us, homework or real work can easily take over our lives, leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed, constantly in motion just to stay on track. There are plenty of goals you can set for getting ahead. For example, consider analyzing your daily routine. Is there an hour here or there where you’re just killing time, waiting for something else to happen? Do you need that hour of television before and after the one show you actually wanted to see? Do you have a long commute in the morning? There are bound to be slivers of time in your day that can be spent better. Instead of staring out the window on the train and thinking nothing, try reading a book. Instead of watching that re-run you’ve already seen, try getting a jump start on your work. That way, you won’t be doing it later when you really want to be writing.

Living life more creatively.
Maybe your goals are more oriented toward your creative life and improving your writing. You could set time-related goals, such as setting aside half an hour every day just for jotting down observations from the day in your notebook. These nice specific details can prove highly useful in future writing projects. Or you could turn over a new leaf when it comes to your actual writing. Try setting a goal to eliminate the verb “to be” from your writing for a week, or forbid all adverbs. The exercise will help beef up your vocabulary and make your writing punchier and more vivid.

So what goals will you set yourself with the turn of the seasons? What way will you make this the best autumn ever?

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