Out of the Storm

Sorry for the slowdown this week, readers; Hurricane Sandy combined with a few crushing piles of papers to grade this week, and I wasn’t able to devote the time to writing blog posts here at Writerly Life. But rest assured, all is well and I’m back in the saddle, eager to keep the writerly life going.

For those of you caught in the wave of destruction Sandy has brought, Writerly Life is with you, and I wish you all the best. Keep warm, stay safe, and think about your own writing projects as a way of preserving normalcy in your life for the difficult days ahead.

And for those of you looking for a little writing inspiration today, or just some distraction from the labor of the day, it’s time to get your mind in a creative way. I’ve got a roundup of some interesting articles and links to stoke your creative fires.

From Open Letters monthly: A comprehensive review of the joys (and flaws) of Zadie Smith’s NW.

From the Atlantic: How American buries its famous writers (and where to find the tombstones of your favorites).

From Apartment Therapy: The best NaNoWriMo Apps for your mobile device.

From NY Times: Some stunning, creative portraits of artists’ greatest fears.

From NY Times: An interview with the wild-haired, wild-worded T.C. Boyle.

Maze of Wonder: Beautiful, surprising sculptures made entirely, lovingly, from salt.

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  1. mary brady says:

    Hey, BLH!

    So glad you made it through the storm without too much distress. Still, NY & the rest of the areas hit will not be the same for a LONG time. I send good vibes for the period of rebuilding which is bound to become tedious & trying as the weeks/months go on.

    Great list of websites to amuse us! Why, I’ve already wasted countless hours & I’m only half through with your list…

    I had an idea for you. (Yay, mutters BLH) On days you’re too overworked to blog, perhaps you could give us here just a brief version of whatever topic you’re teaching your students. You could even just summarize what happened in your class, or what common pitfalls they stumble into.

    I’ve never taken a formal writing class; other readers here may not have either. No matter what, we can all stand to hear ‘the basics’ repeated.

    So–make it easy on yourself. Prep one class plan & use it for your students & for us here on the blog. If you wish, maybe choose ONE topic from your class plan. WE will never know, will we?

    Again, I am so glad you were reasonably safe during the recent storm. Lots of folks were not as lucky…

    Much love, MaryB

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