Five Great Gifts for Writers

The holidays are on their way, or are already flying by, and it’s time to give and receive gifts! If you’re looking for gifts for the writer in your life, or want some cool writing tools yourself that you’d like to drop hints about, then read on for a writerly gift guide.


This series of notebooks from Nomad Journals is waterproof and ready for action, coming with a handy traveling case. Perfect for the outdoorsy writer who wants to capture notes on a rainy day or while rafting down a river.

These adorable bookmarks are re-usable and give your books a nice touch of flair. They’re sticky but can peel on and off books without damaging the pages. Check them out at Better Living Through Design.

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How about a classic Moleskine? Maybe your writer hasn’t gotten one of these iconic notebooks yet, or wants another for his or her collection. Browse the many iterations of Moleskine at the company website.

For the writer who wants to work in bed, how about a lap desk? This walnut finish tray is in my house and is excellent not only for writing with a laptop but also for reading in bed, with its raisable lectern-style section and drawer for pens and notebooks. It’s great for breakfast in bed too! Find it on Amazon here.

Prepare to be amazed with this one. If you have a classic typewriter and want to teach it some new tricks, you can have your typewriter fitted with USB connectivity. Check out the video to see a typewriter working with an ipad, and view purchasing information here.

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