Finding a Fall Leaf

Image from exoexile.

The other day I was walking back from Nassau St — a main street that borders campus — and I realized suddenly that fall was here. That’s how it happens usually: everything is hot and it’s summer forever and it keeps going on, and suddenly one day you feel the crispness of the air and you look up and the trees are turning. I’ve written before how beautiful a New England fall is, and how important the sight is to me. It’s such a deep part of my childhood and of growing up, that I always treat it seriously and reverently. As I was walking I came across a fallen leaf — not spectacularly colored like some others that I’ve saved and pressed into books over the years, but enormous, bigger than my two spread hands, so I picked it up and carried it carefully back to my dorm. As it dries I’ll put it under a book and keep it as a reminder of fall 2007, yet another glorious autumn that never fails to come, and yet somehow is always new and surprising.

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  1. Kira Cato says:

    Unfortunately, this year, Fall did almost fail to come to northern NJ. How could it ever happen that we got stuck in August, skipped September, leaped through most of October and landed right at the front steps of November?

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