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133/365, originally uploaded by Dizzy-Lizzy.

This photo has a great amount of feeling and dynamism in it, as well as being a great moment-in-time capture. See where it takes you in your writing this week!

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  1. Mary Lou Wynegar says:

    Blair, As I look at this photo on what would have been my Father’s 85th birthday, I find it quite appropriate to my feelings of that day.
    We recently lost him this year to the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s, but his voice and words stay with me still.
    As a child, and into my adulthood we shared our mornings together in spirit. We would greet the Sun, “Good morning Sun!” You see he was a long distance truck driver, and when I grew up, I would drive to work towards the rising sun. It was our special thing we did, that I continue to do today. ~

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