I’m Blair Hurley and I’m a novelist and short story writer. I first started a blog called Writerly Life way back in the early 2000s, when I was a student who loved creative writing and wanted to share the things I was learning about craft, technique, inspiration, and motivation. Nowadays we get our information about writing in different ways, but the urge for writers to find community and share what they know is as strong as ever. I share daily #writingtips on Twitter and my reading recommendations on Instagram, but I also want to get the conversation going and talk about writers using the form I love — podcasts. The Writerly Life podcast will share short, regular writing tips and micro-interviews with writers I admire. We’ll talk about how to keep the fires of creativity burning, even during difficult times; we’ll share our favorite quick and dirty tips for making a manuscript better in ten minutes or less; and we’ll offer inside info into the process of writing, revising, and publishing writing.

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