The Writerly Life podcast will share short, regular writing tips and micro-interviews with writers I admire. We’ll talk about how to keep the fires of creativity burning, even during difficult times; we’ll share our favorite quick and dirty tips for making a manuscript better in ten minutes or less; and we’ll offer inside info into the process of writing, revising, and publishing writing.

46: Mix the Bitter and the Sweet

September 21, 2021

This week, add something sweet to your most bitter story moments, and add something bitter to the most sweet. Read more

45: Schedule Time for Nothing

September 14, 2021

This week, I’m talking about the value of nothing for creating something.
Read more

42: Find the Missing Ingredient

August 10, 2021 file | Play in new windowThis week, I’m talking about finding the missing strange spice for your almost-finished story. Book recommendation: SEVERANCE, by Ling Ma. Read more

41: Cut the “As” Clause

August 10, 2021 file | Play in new windowThis week, look out for an annoying grammatical phrase that can clog up a sentence. Read more